image is an action-packed online tank battle game set in a top-down arena. Navigate the map tactically, pick up weapons, and blow your opponents to bits!

You can play Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch with various team sizes on a variety of maps.


The maps are designed for tactical, close-up combat with various ‘dark spots’ that you and other players can hide in undetected. Dipping in and out of these spots while remaining agile is recommended, as there’s fast-paced energy to the gameplay.

As well as tactical spots, there are various weapons, from missiles to sniper rifles, available to pick up around the maps. Players also drop all of these upon annihilation. The pickup weapons have limited ammunition, but you can spray and pray as much as you like with the default cannon.


If you want a custom game, you can host your own. There you can set a range of advanced parameters like max players, match time, map, weapons, mode, and more.

BlockTanks is an online multiplayer .io game. You can join a BlockTanks game now in your web browser at CrazyGames.

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