8-Ball Billiards Classic is an intuitive pool game that you can play against an AI opponent or a friend in local multiplayer.

If you know how to play pool, you know how to play 8-Ball Billiards. You have to pot all of the striped or spotted balls, based on which ball you pot first.

What makes 8-Ball Billiards Classic unique is the easy controls, simple interface, and balanced AI opponents. The game clearly illustrates the ball’s path, and it’s easy to apply the desired level of force, making the game ideal for any player level.


Along with playing against AI opponents, players can go against each other in local multiplayer. You simply take turns using the same controls.

After you’ve racked up some victories, you can check out your stats on the main menu. These indicate your victory points, matches played, and total time played.


Visually, the game is beautiful. Even the shadows on the balls adjust as they move across the table, reflecting the spot lights above them.

If you’re looking for a traditional game of online pool, you can play 8 Ball Billiards Classic in your web browser at CrazyGames. The game works smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

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