"Within The Crypt the prince will find himself in a desolate and treacherous area of the castles outer walls. Many people have died here trying to find the four orbs of Infinity, rumor has it that when the orbs are placed in a specific location they will provide access to the 'inner castle' known as The Sanctuary

So far, every adventurer has died within one of the two floor trapped rooms, but legend tells us that there are maps of these rooms hidden somewhere in The Crypt"

The original 'Valhalla games' were created for the Amiga, starting with 'Valhalla and the Lord of Infinity' in 1994, with sequels 'Valhalla: Before the War' in 1995 and concluding with 'Valhalla and the Fortress of Eve' in 1996.


These gained fame at the time for being the first Amiga games with full speech throughout the game. These were ported over to PC in the early 2000's but no longer officially supported modern operating systems, so developer Simon Hopwood decided to recreate the first game so that it's playable completely in the web browser, regardless of operating system.

The Crypt is the first episode of a four-part adventure, set within the historical period known as 'The Lord of Infinity'. It is a desolate and treacherous area of the castle's out walls and many people have died here, trying to find the four orbs of Infinity. Rumor has it that the four orbs provide access to the inner castle. So far, every adventurer has died within one of the two floor-trapped rooms.

But legend tells us that there are detailed maps of these two rooms hidden somewhere in the Crypt. The only clue that has survived time comes from an old map maker. It reads ... "I've painstakingly mapped a safe passage around the floor-trapped rooms. I fear for my life and expect I will never get out of here alive. I've hidden the maps well, I'm hoping that Infinity's soldiers will never think to look under the very thing that is lethal."


The world of Valhalla is viewed from above, with the main character placed in the center of the screen. You can walk around, interacting with objects on front of you by using the action buttons. These includes actions such as look, take or operate. Taking items places them in your rucksack. There is enough room in there for 9 different items, after which you can examine, drop, insert or even consume the selected item.

Keep an eye on the health indicators on the left of the screen. They drop when the character hurts himself and if it hits zero, it's game over. Health can be restored by drinking stamina potions, located around the world. There are other potions too, the effects of which are not always immediately obvious until consumed!

You can save and reload the game at any point, which is recommended as there is a lot of potential play time here. Just remember, logical and lateral thinking are absolutely required!

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