Emanuele Feronato writes: "I am a long time fan of Box2D physics engine, with almost 200 tutorials on this blog, most using old AS3, about 10 Flash games and five star book on Amazon.

Unfortunately Phaser 3 does not include any Box2D native wrapper as it does with Matter physics. This does not mean we cannot use Box2D in our projects, it’s just we don’t have dedicated Phaser method to handle Box2D.

And, above all, we do not even have a native JavaScript version of Box2D.

There are some JavaScript ports of Box2D around the web, and the one I like the most is Planck.js by Ali Shakiba. Planck.js is a JavaScript rewrite of Box2D physics engine while other JavaScript libraries are direct portings of the original C++ engine.

In this first example, something like a “Hello World”, I will show you these concepts ..."

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