Version 3.11.0 of Phaser Editor 2D has been released. This version introduces some new features, such as asset filtering and grouping.

Tab sections of the Blocks view

A tab section is like a label or sub-tab of a view. You can select one or none. It is a general concept but, in the Blocks view, is used for filtering the content.

Assets Grouping

Now you can change how the assets are grouped in the Blocks view and certain dialogs. Like in previous versions, the default grouping of the assets is based on the asset's type. With the new changes, you can group the assets by the Asset Pack, or the file location of the asset.

Other Updates

  • The original Add Object dialog has been restored and is available by pressing A.
  • You can now see if an object is visible or not directly from the Display List.
  • You can now see and use SVG assets in the Blocks view.
  • You can now quickly change the frame of an object by pressing M.
  • You can directly open textures in the Asset Pack Explorer by right-clicking them.
  • Easily add objects to a new Object List (a simple array)
  • Press SPACE to toggle the new Scene pan tool
  • View Filtering lets you quickly filter the object list

Plus plenty of fixes and other updates.

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