Take part in the World Chef Championships as Chef Hero, in a bid to save your mothers restaurant from closure.

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The World Chef Championship is a culinary tournament that takes place every five years, to choose the Chef with the best skills, to prepare a dish worthy of the most demanding judges; as well to satiate anyone's hunger.

The culinary tournament is starting and Chef Hero is the only one who can compete instead of his world-famous mother, Fiorentina Di Carota! In this fun 2D cooking game, get ready to go up against other famous chefs and complete challenging levels to be the best chef in the world!


You play as Hero, who is determined to save his mother's restaurant from closure and starts your course towards the World Chef Competition. Chef Hero is a cooking adventure like you have never played before! Join Hero on his path to become a master chef, on a culinary path that will lead you to amazing battles. Learn about new dishes and cultures, and join the ranks of the world's top chefs in "Chef Hero".

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