image is a browser-based, top-down battle royale game where you’ll go head to head against some of the most ruthless shooters across the planet. Killing is the name of the game, and only the last man standing gets to walk out as the victor.

The game starts with a launch screen where you get to name your character and see an overview of your stats. Hitting the play button puts you in a lobby where you must wait 30 seconds for other players to join. As soon as the countdown is over, the fun begins.

You start out with a measly handgun that’s better than nothing, but not by much. Most players will dash all over the place to grab the biggest gun they can get their hands on. You’d do best to upgrade your weapon fast, too. Otherwise, you’ll be obliterated into pieces in no time.


Between shotguns, rifles, snipers, and machine guns, you’ll have plenty to pick from. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of an enemy like some good ol’ volley of bullets. So be sure to pick up all the bullets around you. If you love hoarding bullets like a madman, this is the game of your dreams!

Apart from weapons, you can also pick up armor kits to upgrade your defense. Each kit hooks you up with 25% extra defense, with four being the maximum you can put on at once.

There’s another item that can help you really beef up your defenses. While this game doesn’t have actual beef, juicy chicken thighs are just as good. Grab one as soon as you spot it and you’ll turn into a fearless shooter instantly. Why? Because one chicken leg is all you need to restore your health from zero to the hundred in under a second. Just like that!

From there, it’s just a matter of hunting or getting hunted. Never hesitate to pull that trigger and shoot anything that moves. Duck when reloading and keep an eye on your ammo. The last thing you want is to go gun blazing and then get shot to death because you didn’t have any bullets.


Last but far from least, watch out for the danger zone. Think of it more as a death zone because it won’t take long for your character to die in there. Though admittedly there’s something serene about watching your enemies die under the grip of the danger zone.

If you can survive both man and nature in this fight to the death, you’ll get your own serving of a full roasted chicken to celebrate. Win ten times and you’ll trade your chicken in for a badass character that’ll show everyone who’s the MVP on the server. But if you’re like me and suck at online shooters, just get 10 or 50 kills to unlock two unique characters.

Less pixels. More kills and thrills. That’s in a nutshell for you! So put away your consoles and hop on to Lagged to play today.

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