Miner Dash is a progressive online game where you get to play a hyperactive miner with one purpose and one purpose only: reaching the core of the Earth within 30 days.

To get there, you’ll have to dig your way down the Earth around your little cabin and gather many shiny resources along the way. The paltry collection of resources and the humble wooden pickaxe you start with will only take you so far. That’s where recipes and crafting come in.

As you discover a new layer after your sweaty labor of daily digging, you’ll instantly unlock a new recipe in your guidebook. Each recipe contains an image of the item along with the sequence of the resources required to craft it.


To craft an item, you must put the exact quantity of resources in the exact sequence into the crafting slots as outlined in the recipe. And just like that, your brand new Iron Pickaxe will be ready for you to grip and rip through the many layers of Earth.

Each upgraded item is superior to the one before. So you’ll spend plenty of time gathering resources and recipes to build them. But don’t take too long because 30 days can go away faster than you’d think.

In terms of controls, the gameplay is straightforward. The bearded miner eagerly awaits each morning to get to digging. As soon as the day starts, he’ll start digging automatically, and there’s no stopping him once he starts.


You can control the horizontal directions with left and right arrow keys, but once you go down, there’s no going back up. So be sure to move left and right to gather all the coal, iron, and gold you need, among other resources.

As you dig deeper into the Earth, you’ll face new layers that are progressively harder and take longer to rip through. Your miner is extremely dedicated though, so he’ll keep going at it until the pickaxe explodes.

Yes, you read that right. Pickaxes explode in this game. You even get to detonate bombs at your feet to blast your way through the Earth. But don’t worry, no hardworking miners were harmed in the creation of this game. Or so the dev has assured us.


Once your pickaxe explodes, the day comes to a conclusion, the miner gets to sleep in his little cabin (hopefully), and the morning brings yet another day of joyful digging.

The retro aesthetics made of pixilated graphics and the uplifting music in the background combined with the simple but engaging gameplay make this game a soothing and delightful experience — the perfect escape for those evenings where you just want to grab a cup of coffee, get under a blanket, and let go of the world around you to experience a more tranquilizing one.

Be warned though. The mentally stimulating gameplay and the soothing environment will soon have you promising yourself to put this game down after “one last day of digging”. But you’ll probably fail to keep that promise — once, twice, and then a few more times.

Think you’ve got what it takes to reach the core of the Earth in 30 days? Grab your pickaxe and dig through this online game today!

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