This brand new release of Phaser 3 introduces hundreds of updates from the core team and wider community. We've also hit a massive milestone with it: 100% complete JSDoc coverage of the entire API! Every single property, function, class and method now has full documentation. We didn't stop at the public API, either, as docs cover all private, protected and internal properties too. No stone was left unturned here! As a result this mammoth effort has migrated down into the TypeScript definitions, which are more accurate than ever.


3.23 introduces the brand new Rope Game Object. This allows you to create Sprites with long strips of vertices that can be independently colored and manipulated, allowing for some lovely effects! You'll also find a new Camera Rotation Effect, updates for Arcade Physics, new Data Manager functions, Tiled import tweaks and lots, lots more.

You can see lots of really fun Rope examples here. Please try the 'Draw Rope' one at least :)

As well as all of these updates, development has been progressing rapidly on Phaser 4. If you'd like to stay abreast of developments then I'm now publishing them to the Phaser Patreon. Here you can find details about the latest developments and concepts behind Phaser 4.


As usual, I'd like to send a massive thank-you to everyone who supports Phaser on Patreon (and now even GitHub Sponsors, too!) Your continued backing keeps allowing me to work on Phaser full-time and this great new releases is the very real result of that. If you've ever considered becoming a backer, now is the perfect time!

Download Phaser 3.23.0 from the GitHub releases page, or pull it in via the npm package. There are also the pre-built files available on the jsDeliver CDN.

The brand new 3.23 documentation has been updated and published. As before, you can read it online, or check out the repo to have a local copy.

The TypeScript definitions have been improved further still and are now available in the main Phaser repo.

As always, please check out the Change Log for comprehensive details about what recent versions contain.

You can also follow Phaser on Twitter and chat with fellow Phaser devs in the Phaser Discord.

Phaser 3 wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic support of the community and Patreon. Thank you to everyone who supports our work, who shares our belief in the future of HTML5 gaming, and Phaser's role in that.