RavalMatic are back with another game in their Foot Chinko series!

Flappy Foot Chinko continues the surreal Foot Chinko saga and takes it to the side of hyper casual game mechanics.


"Flappy Foot Chinko remains true to the original Foot Chinko‘s style, but makes it even more dynamic, fun and easy to grasp. The game currently includes two game modes: tournament mode and endless mode, which can be adapted to fit a score-oriented competition. The game development has been carefully polished, and holds players during insanely long sessions according to statistics."

The game is played vertically, with the screen constantly scrolling up. You need to click quickly to bounce the ball up the playing field, but be careful not to hit any of the spikes, electricity, other team, etc who will all hinder your progress. Try and flick the ball to your other team members so they can boost it towards the goal - and of course, score.

Flappy Foot Chinko features RavalMatics usual charm in both graphics, animation and sound - and as you'd expect, it's addictive as hell!

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