I'm excited to announce the release of Phaser 3.22, the first of many in the year 2020. The main focus of 3.22 is all the work we've done on Matter Physics integration. Matter has been supported in Phaser since the first release, yet there were lots of things we wanted to do with it to make development life easier.


3.22 brings all of these to the front, including powerful new visual debugging options such as rendering contacts, velocity, the broadphase grid, sensors, joints and more. Matter also now has 100% JSDoc and TypeScripy coverage and I spent a long time rebuilding the TypeScript defs by hand, in order to make them as accurate as possible.

As well as docs and defs there are stacks of handy new methods, including intersection tests such as intersectPoint, intersectRay, overlap and more. New Body level collision callbacks allow you to filter collided pairs a lot more quickly now, combined with new collision events and data type defs to give you all the information you need when resolving. There are now functions to create bodies from SVG data, JSON data or Physics Editor data directly, new Body alignment features and of course bug fixes.


It's not all about Matter Physics, though. Thanks to the community, there are new Math Distance functions such as Chebyshev, Snake and Squared Points. You can now tint particles as they're emitted, Physics Groups finally let you use your own creation and removal callbacks and plenty more besides. There are, of course, lots of bug fixes too and I've done my best to address some of the most important ones. The documentation has improved yet again and with every release the TypeScript defs get stronger and stronger.

With 3.22 released I will now be taking some time to carry on with Phaser 4 development, while planning out the 3.23 release as well. Even though Phaser 4 is in build I will fully support Phaser 3 for the foreseeable future. You can follow the development progress of both versions on the Phaser Patreon.


As usual, I'd like to send a massive thank-you to everyone who supports Phaser on Patreon (and now even GitHub Sponsors, too!) Your continued backing keeps allowing me to work on Phaser full-time and this great new releases is the very real result of that. If you've ever considered becoming a backer, now is the perfect time!

Download Phaser 3.22.0 from the GitHub releases page, or pull it in via the npm package. There are also the pre-built files available on the jsDeliver CDN.

The brand new 3.22 documentation has been updated and published. As before, you can read it online, or check out the repo to have a local copy.

The TypeScript definitions have been improved further still and are now available in the main Phaser repo.

As always, please check out the Change Log for comprehensive details about what recent versions contain.

You can also follow Phaser on Twitter and chat with fellow Phaser devs in our Discord and Slack channels.

Phaser 3 wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic support of the community and Patreon. Thank you to everyone who supports our work, who shares our belief in the future of HTML5 gaming, and Phaser's role in that.