Phaser concludes the series: "In Part 4 of this tutorial series, we continued working on our Phaser leaderboard and we did the following:

  • Updated our server to serve static files.
  • Worked on the client side code by adding a login and signup page.
  • Created a Phaser 3 leaderboard that displays the high scores from our database.
  • Protected the game instance by adding middleware to that route on our server.

In Part 5 of this tutorial series, we will wrap up our tutorial by adding logic to our server that will allow a user to reset their password. For this logic, we will create a form that a user can fill out, and when they submit the form that form will send the user an email with a link to a password reset page. When the user clicks that link, it will include a special token that will allow them to reset their password."

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