Create a rope/swing prototype in less than 100 lines of code using Phaser and Matter.js.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 23rd Jul 2019.   @phaser_


Emanuele Feronato starts a new series of Matter Physics related tutorials: "Mikey Hooks is a great game. Fullstop.

I liked so much the way the player used the hook, and I built prototypes using Flash + Box2D, Flash + Nape (Nape seems to be discontinued), Phaser + Box2D and Unity.

No matter the language, engine or framework you are using to build your hooks, they will all rely on a constraint called distance joint.

A constraint on a system is a parameter that the system must obey. In this case, the constraint is a distance joint which says “no matter what happens, there must be a given distance between two bodies”.

And that’s all:"

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