Create a Phaser Leaderboard with User Authentication using Node.js + Express + MongoDB.

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Phaser starts a new series: "In this multi-part tutorial, we will be creating a simple Phaser 3 game that has authentication and a leaderboard. For our game, we are going to create a user sign up / login flow using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. After the player has logged into our game, they will be able to view the leaderboard and submit new high scores to the database. Lastly, our server will also be responsible for hosting our Phaser game.

The goal of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of adding user authentication to your game and how to create a leaderboard. You will learn how to:

  • Create a simple server using Node.js and Express
  • Setup user authentication using MongoDB, Passport, and JWTs
  • Protect server routes using authentication middleware
  • Create a leaderboard using data from an API
  • Allow the user to reset their password

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