Test your Movie IQ in this Marvel Superhero themed trivia game, with lots of fun rounds and slick presentation.

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Noovie Trivia recently released their new game Shuffle. The game was presented to viewers in US cinemas prior to the showing of Avengers Endgame and offers a fun, quick-fire Marvel-themed trivia game spread across a number of different stages.

The different stages include sub-games like Flicks, in which you have to flick the card to the left or right, depending on the answer. For example, has the character Red Skull appeared in a Marvel film?


Star Chains asks you a series of related questions, and the more you get right in a row, the more points you get. Match Up has you pairing three different character names to their superhero aliases, and so on.

Presentation is super-slick through-out and it's clearly aimed at mobile, as it was originally intended to be played by a mobile wielding audience prior to the film starting. If you've a Noovie account you can save your score and further trivia packs are due to be released, there's also a competition to enter (likely for the US only, though)


It's a great example of a high-polished trivia game with a topical theme. I'm looking forward to more trivia packs being released!

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