The February Phaser Backer Examples are now available including distance constraints, a Matter JS cannon and pixel tricks.

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Phaser relies entirely on community contributions to fund its development. Being a Phaser Backer entitles you to lots of great perks, one of which are exclusive source code examples.

Each month you'll get a new zip file with at least 10 examples and associated assets. The February pack was recently released to backers and includes the following:

  • How to drag the crop area of a Sprite
  • Getting the nearest point on any line
  • A example of flexible mobile UI buttons
  • How to shoot away the texture of an image, pixel by pixel
  • A pixel zoom magnify glass
  • How to select pixels from an area and paste them back in again
  • Creating a cannon that can fire in Matter JS
  • A ball chain made with a light-weight Distance Constraint
  • A nice little 'jelly wheel' effect
  • An animated dancing flower using constraints for petal motion

All examples are written in ES6, come packaged with an html front-end and use the latest build of Phaser (3.16.2) to demonstrate cutting-edge features.

Back Phaser today to get access to them instantly, along with lots of other benefits.

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