Giovanny Beltrán and his team created this game for Ludum Dare 42 and this post-release version enhances the original with fixes and updates. "You're on a journey for giving items to the greatest mazes shopkeepers in the lands of Hurama. Use your mechanic-hook-arm and your unlimited-space-backpack to plunder mazes in search for special items."

You use WASD to move around and then left-click to shoot out your mechanical-hook-arm. If it hits an object it'll pull that object back to you, automatically stowing it away into your backpack. If you right-click you can throw an item out of your backpack, which is the only way to hit the skeletons that patrol the dungeons.


The mission is to find 3 specific items per level. For example, "A rock that is normal", "A sword that is Magic" and "A chest that is cursed". The rooms are full of items, but not always the ones you need. So those, in effect, become your ammo. Although, to be honest, I found the best strategy with the skeletons was to just run from them!

It's quite amazing that this was created for Ludum Dare. It's a really addictive, the graphics are lovely and a special mention must go to the sound effects and music. Your hook has a satisfying 'clink' when it hits onto things and each item just sounds great.

Well worth playing.

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