For several months now, Rex Rainbow has been creating and releasing his Phaser 3 UI Plugins. There are a growing number of them available and they currently include:

  • Sizer - Layout children game objects.
  • Grid sizer - Layout children game objects in grids.
  • Label - A container with an icon, text, and background.
  • Dialog - A container with a title, content, buttons and background.
  • Tabs - A container with 4 groups of buttons around a center panel.
  • Grid table - A container with a grid table 3, slider, and scroller.
  • Menu - A container with buttons and sub-menu.
  • Textbox - A container with an icon, (typing 1 and paging 1) text, and background.
  • Slider - A container with a track, indicator, thumb and background.
  • Number bar - A container with an icon, slider, text, and background.
  • Round rectangle - Round rectangle shape.

Each of them comes with documentation and examples, and they're all open source. Used in combination you can build a powerful UI really quickly and new plugins are being added constantly. Check out the forum thread for more details and leave your feedback.

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