Protect the dojo from the waves of attackers in this addictive upgrade / fighting game.

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Rival dojos are sending mercenaries on us. You need to protect our dojo and precious papers from attackers in this upgrade – fighting type of game.

We have 5 type of fighters.

-Simple Fighter: Has nothing extra.

-Boxer: Boxer’s special attack stuns his target for 2 seconds (if the target doesn’t block)

-Kick-boxer: Has %10 critic chance. Critic attack doubles the damage. If special attack and critic occurs at the same time, deals 4x damage.

-Karate Guy: Special attacks deal 3x damage (other fighters 2x)

-Swordsman: Swordsman’s special attack can’t be blocked.

All fighters special attack deals 2x damage. Special attack also throws the target away (except boxer)

Enemy has 5 different fighter too. 3 of them has nothing extra. Other 2 fighters are robot and clone maker

Robot: Casts a shield when got hit. Shield lasts until his stamina ends.

Clone Maker: Has %10 chance to make a clone when got hit.

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