A brand new release of the premiere Phaser IDE is now out, including hundreds of new features and built-in tools.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 18th Jan 2019.   @phaser_


After 9 months of hard work, the preview release of Phaser Editor 2 is now available. Binaries are ready for download for all platforms and the features list is truly impressive. The amount of Phaser, and general game-dev related tools, built into Phaser Editor is quite something:

What's included in this release?

  • Supports Phaser v3.15.1: the last version of Phaser.
  • Scene editor: visually build the game levels and screens and compile them to a clean Phaser code.
    • Supported objects: Image, Sprite, TileSprite, BitmapText, Group.
    • Undo/Redo.
    • Zooming.
    • In-scene manipulators.
    • Simple align functions.
    • Snapping.
    • Compiles to JS6. Different code styles (class, only methods).
    • Compatible with external text editors.
  • Animations editor: create the sprite animations by dropping the images into the editor (compatible with any external text editor).
  • Asset Pack editor: define all the game assets into an Asset Pack JSON file (compatible with any external text editor).
  • Texture Packer: a built-in tool to pack your images into a texture map. It is Phaser ready with no configuration. Multi-atlas format by default. Compatible with the text editor of your choice.
  • Labs: a set of tools to inspect the Phaser API and examples.
    • Phaser Chains: a powerful tool to search (pattern matching) the Phaser docs and examples.
    • Phaser Types: simple UI to browse the Phaser API
    • Phaser Hierarchy: shows the hierarchy of a selected Phaser Type.
    • Phaser Files: browse the Phaser folders and files. Useful to create custom builds.
    • Phaser Examples: a simple UI to browse the Phaser examples.
    • JSDoc: a window to show the doc of the selected API element.
    • Clone an example into a Project to mess around it: you can do this from any of the examples related UI.
  • Phaser Project templates. Start your game quickly, no need to project configuration.
  • Project Explorer: work on many projects at the same time. Link to external folders. Inclusion/exclusion filters. Reload external changes.
  • Preview: keep a window with the preview of your assets: images, texture maps, sprite-sheets, CSV tilemaps, animations, audio, audio-sprites.
  • Multiple platforms support: run the editor on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Editors for the common web files: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, JSON. Powered by the Visual Studio Code code-assist engine, via the Language Server Protocol. This is a very experimental third-party plugin, but with a lot of potential.

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