Crash into the obscure in this surreal adventure platformer, full of low-fi pixel charm, story telling roots and the creepiest bunnies you'll ever see.

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"Jimmy wakes up next to his wrecked Porsche 550. He is all alone in a haunted pine forest. He tries to find help, but stumbles deeper into an outlandish conspiracy..."

Esciit is a puzzle platformer from Supernapie, currently available on for Windows, Mac and Linux. In it, you control Jimmy, who can run, jump and swim his way around this eerie looking forest. As you progress you'll manage to arm yourself with a potato cannon, which comes in very handy for dealing with the less than friendly wildlife.


The story element is strong in Escitt and you can talk and interact with a variety of characters. The platform elements are strong, too. In one scene you'll find yourself swimming to get an essential item required to pass an area. In another, you'll be wall jumping for an age to try and avoid being munched on.


The graphics are suitably low-fi, but it's the music and sound effects that will set you on edge as you explore your decidedly strange surroundings. This is the first part of Esciit and the developer has promised a continuation of the story in subsequent updates. It's definitely great to see Phaser 3 being used with Electron to craft a solid desktop experience. And trust me, you'll never look at fluffy bunnies in the same way again.

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