Shape shift between three unique aliens as they work together to solve the puzzles in this addictive platformer.

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The Transmorphers return in Transmorpher 3: Ancient Alien, with more exciting levels than ever before. The game is a platform puzzler. You take on the role of a shape-shifting alien. Starting out as the little green blob you can walk and jump you way across the platforms. The objective is to collect the three stars required per level and reach the exit.


As you can imagine, things don't stay simple for long. There are switches, lifts and doors that only open if you stand on them, releasing your energy into their mechanisms. Timing the opening of these doors is crucial to completing the levels.


It doesn't take long before you encounter another alien which you can absorb. Once you've absorbed an alien you can swap between them using the icons at the top-left. The first alien you absorb is a purple ball. It can't jump, but it can roll up walls and along the ceiling happily. The third alien is a huge orange affair that can smash blocks and has a much higher weight than the others.

The levels are wonderfully designed and it doesn't take long before you need all three aliens working in carefully planned sequences in order to complete them. As usual with Orange Games, the presentation and playability is top-quality, making it a worthy Staff Pick.

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