The latest version of Phaser CE is now available with updates including compressed texture support, audio pause fixes and more.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 2nd Oct 2018.   @phaser_


Phaser CE 2.11.1 has been released. This version brings together another few months worth of updates and fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error passing box2d options in the game configuration settings (#553).
  • Fixed some compressed texture formats failing to load (#562).
  • Fixed an issue where if the WebGL renderer failed to initialize that RenderTexture's would still try to use it if no renderer was provided (#575).
  • Fixed an inconsistent return value in BitmapData#copy (#580).
  • Tweens are now cleaned up completely when destroying the game (#581).
  • Game now nulls a reference to itself from PIXI after destroy (#583).
  • Fixed a BitmapFont frame error when using trim frame in atlas (#587).
  • Fixed BitmapData#shadow ignoring blur or x/y offset when set to 0 (#591).


  • AnimationParser.spriteSheet now tells you the minimum image dimensions it expects if it fails to produce at least one complete frame from the spritesheet (#559).
  • Game now checks SoundManager's muteOnPause property whenever the game's paused property is set so one can control whether sounds play when the game is manually paused. Previously, the property was only used when the game focus was lost in the DOM (#572).

There have also been updates to both the TypeScript definitions and documentation. You can get the latest release on npm, Github or the link below.