Play a game of solitaire every day in the next game in the Cool Logic series!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 19th Sep 2018.   @phaser_


Online Solitaire is the next game in the Cool Logic series, the previous two being Online Mahjong and Online Sudoku. As with the other games the presentation is clean and simple and there's a new challenge every day:

  • Daily mode (Every day new level);
  • 4 Game Modes for 100% solvable levels (1 Card/3 Cards, Normal/Vegas, more 6000 levels);
  • Random Mode (Generate random deck, can be not solvable);
  • Solitaire Solver (If you do not complete level, you can use solver to check solution);
  • Undo
  • Facebook connect
  • Top score for daily mode
  • Backup (restore game if you close browser)
  • Magic button (help)
  • Restore progress system (if you logged in you can restore progress on other devices and browsers)

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