Grab your cursor and do battle in this real-time multiplayer war game! Fight until only one cursor remains.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 10th Sep 2018.   @phaser_ is a real time multiplayer cursors war game. The cursors have to fight until only one remains.



  • Web-based and available online for free
  • Two game modes: All vs all and Team vs team
  • Two score types: Deathmatch and Survival
  • 9 types of attacks
  • Up to 8 players per room
  • You can chat while playing
  • Servers for South America and North America
  • No login needed!

The game is hectic but fun if you can find some other people to play against! Use the keyboard to swap weapons. Some are definitely more effective than others (the fireball being my personal favorite)

Good luck on the battlefield cursor cadets :)

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