An in-depth look at all of the work taking place and the new features in Phaser Editor 2

Posted on 28th Aug 2018. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.


The Phaser Editor Team have published a new progress report on how development of Phaser Editor 2 is progressing: "This was a productive month for the Phaser Editor team! We worked almost every day (and night) on the v2 of the editor, but finally, we completed the task: a brand new tool called the Animations editor.

But we did not stop here. Many other tools were updated: the Texture Packer editor, the Asset Pack editor, the Assets window, the Preview window, the information controls (hover previews) and other "minor" stuff, like the new custom UI controls we introduced.

At the same time, we have been more active on our social channels (Twitter - Facebook - Youtube), sharing thoughts and videos to show how the new editors and modifications are looking. We really enjoyed it and we think some of you too.

Now we are going to pause the v2 development and work to release a new v1.5.2. As we promised, the v1 of the editor will be updated as long as the clients request it, by reporting bugs or asking for new features (relative small new features). So this is time to update v1 with some of those requests.

Yet the v2 of the editor needs a lot of work. The whole scene editor should be updated, and the JavaScript editor needs some love too. But we are working hard, we want to deliver a Preview version in October. It is almost here."

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