Take control of your spaceship and start new journey to far stars in this rogue-like sci-fi crawler.

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Hyperdiver is a dungeon crawler, with a minesweeper style reveal mechanic, and RPG elements - all set in space!

The concept is simple: collect the hyperfuel on each level so you can progress through the blackhole. You do this by clicking the grid squares which reveal new parts of the current sector.


Some of them may contain loot. For example you can collect different types of loot which can be spent on upgrading your guns or armor. You will also uncover baddies. It's up to you if you fight them or not. Just click one to engage and then keep clicking to shoot until it's destroyed.

Sometimes you need to blast your way through the enemies in order to uncover blocked areas of the map. It's a fine balance between taking them all on (as they will undoubtedly damage you during the exchange), or just bailing out of the sector and moving on. If you come across a planet you can land to save your progress, upgrading your ship if you've collected enough loot.


Although the developer said he'd like to add a lot more features it's already quite compelling stuff, and I easily lost track of time as I dived through blackholes, upgrading my way through each sector.

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