Discover this unique version of a soccer classic that mixes pachinko and pinball elements. Choose your favorite team and join the World Cup!

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If you never played Footchinko before then you're in for a treat! Imagine a combination of football with a pachinko table and then throw in elements of pinball as well. That's Footchinko!


You get a fixed number of balls to try and pass to your team mates, and eventually shoot into the goal. But rebounders, blockers and the other team will get in your way.


Footchinko Russia 18 see's the game re-themed for the 2018 World Cup. How far can you get your team? Earn money as you score goals to buy power-ups such as freezing the goalie :) The graphics and audio are great, with some lovely little touches (like the naked guy who streaks across the pitch!) but it's the gameplay that is top-notch and well worth a go.

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