The latest version of Phaser CE is out, with updates, bug fixes and new features.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 3rd May 2018.   @phaser_


Phaser CE 2.10.4 has been released.

New Features

  • Phaser.Text#testString is the character string used to calculate the text's width and height.
  • Ellipse#centerX
  • Ellipse#centerY


  • Callbacks added with Phaser.Input#addMoveCallback receive an event parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bogus warning when selecting tilemap layer 0 (#511).
  • Fixed wrong position in Ellipse#random (#522).
  • Fixed an Animation skipping the final frame in low-FPS situations (#524).
  • Fixed wrong ellipse position in Debug#geom (#526).
  • Fixed forceType failing to override some geometry types in Debug#geom.
  • Fixed unnecessary text updates when using Text#setText with immediate=true (#525).
  • Fixed issues restarting a Sound in Firefox (#530).
  • Fixed an IndexSizeError in Edge/Firefox when a very small texture crop rectangle is used (#532).

TypeScript definitions

  • Corrected definitions for ContactMaterial#frictionStiffness, Convex (#513).

As usual please see the Change Log for all the details and download the latest build from GitHub, npm or the CDNs.

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