Phaser 3.9.0 is now available for download. This release packages together the last few weeks of development work, brings a few new features to the table and introduces lots of updates, fixes and hundreds more areas covered by JSDocs. Highlights include:

  • Better support for canvas focus loss. If you're making a fully keyboard controlled game it was easy to lose focus of the canvas before when tabbing away, but it'll now resume properly on return. There is also a new focus event you can listen for.

  • Camera lerp is back! You can provide interpolation values for following targets to smooth off those transitions. There's also a new follower offset property, so you don't have to be quite so tightly focused on the target as before. Camera shake has also been fixed for dynamic tilemap layers.

  • The Plugin Manager continues to improve after it's 3.8 overhaul and now easily allows you to register new file types, even in the current Scene. You can also now install global single-instance plugins as Scene properties.

  • Containers can now be made interactive without providing a shape object, as long as you've given them a size.

  • Most Game Object destroy handles have been updated. There was an issue where Game Objects inside Containers or Groups would be destroyed twice when a Scene shutdown. This is now handled properly and pre-destruction is handled by the objects themselves.

  • The Particle tint value was being incorrectly calculated, causing the color channels to be inverted. Your particles now tint properly :)

As mentioned we've also been working hard on the docs and hundreds more areas are now covered. This is an on-going battle we're carrying on fighting!

The Change Log for this release is massive and, like usual, contains a few important updates. I would urge you to please read through it as there are some API breaking changes inside in certain areas. As usual, grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and see the full Change Log for details.