The latest release of Phaser 3 brings hundreds of enhancements with it, including a revamped Loader Plugin, new Pack File support, easier ingestion outside of Webpack and much, much more.

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The latest version of Phaser 3 is now available. This release continues our work in refining the API and completing the documentation. In this version I've focused specifically on enhancing the Loader Plugin and it has gained a lot of significant improvements as a result. You should now find your games load and start-up considerably faster than before, without any changes your end.

New in this version is support for Loader Pack Files. These were a popular feature in Phaser 2 and allowed you define a list of resources in a JSON file that the Loader would consume and then load for you. They're back in Phaser 3 now and refined to be more powerful than before. Packs can even load other packs, and you can selectively run just a part of a pack if you wish.

Also improved is the ability to use Phaser outside of Webpack. I have removed the requirement for the Webpack raw-loader plugin entirely, and swapped the defines to use typeof checks, which means you should now be able to require Phaser into your package, no matter what bundler you're using, and without any special configuration needed. If you are using Webpack you can still benefit by using our config, but those outside of Webpack, or in environments like Electron are no longer penalized.

The Change Log for this release is massive and contains a few important updates. I would urge you to please read through it as there are some API breaking changes inside in certain areas. This release also fixes the issue Chrome v66 has bought into the mainstream with regard to unlocking Web Audio on desktop and their insane new Media Engagement Index.

As usual, grab the latest build from GitHub, npm or CDN and see the full Change Log for details.