After over 18 months in development OWN is finally out!

Ultra-fast action paced, competitive gaming. In the browser.

"OWN is a super-fast action paced game. No more endless 40 minutes games: queue, play and go for the win within 5min max. And still, play complete, real-time and crazy fast competitive games. No farming, no xp: go straight for the skill."


Developer Skeptron writes: "The competitive side has been polished, (league system, no random mechanics, depth of gameplay etc.), but you can also play casually in normal or private games. Because games are super short, you can use OWN to fill in idle times (like a League of Legends matchmaking, for example) or you can play more seriously and try to rank up the ladder."

Money-wise OWN is 100% free-to-play, 0% pay-to-win and contains no ad. It's pay-to-customize. You will have all heroes for free, and you will win virtual currency and chests as you play."


Use the promo code PHASER during registration and you'll unlock 1000 gold coins and a free legendary chest!


It takes a little time to adapt to the heroes and some are easier than others to play with. Each has a variety of special moves and equipment at their disposal. I tried with Torlind who has ram horns on his shoulders, a barge attack and a shield he can whack with. I also played with Gleipnir who has a chain which can pull opponents towards him and a pretty wicked spiked upper-cut.

Matches are generally fast-paced which is good. There are quite a few keyboard layouts to learn, as fighting is strategic and not just a case of button mashing, so pick a hero with a loadout you like and get stuck in.

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