Trading, Crafting, and Dungeon Crawling on the blockchain. A decentralized RPG running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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"Taking inspiration from games such as ADOM, Ultima, Rogue, and idle RPGs (the kind you used to play on IRC), the core game loop is quite simple: Equip your character, set your tactics, and go. In our initial dungeon contract, tactics will be set at the beginning of a dungeon, at which point your character will run the dungeon automatically according to your settings, eventually reaching the exit portal, backtracking in an effort to escape, or dying."

The game and its development can be divided into three main components:

  1. Items: Buying, selling, and trading.

  2. Crafting: Combining items according to a recipe, breaking items down into raw materials, building increasingly complex items from these materials, etc. Opening loot crates and rolling other chance items are also part of the crafting system.

  3. The playable video game: A core game loop consisting of equipping a character and sending him off to plunder dungeons and slay enemies.

Each of these three categories are discrete components which are being developed and deployed independently of one another. Players who wish to eschew the gameplay itself and stick to trading, collecting, and crafting will be able to do so at no disadvantage compared to those playing the main game.

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