It's breakout in overdrive! Up to 4 local players, 13 boss battles, 198 levels, gamepad support and superb graphics and sound.

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"Breaking Bricks revitalises the classic 1970’s arcade brick, ball and paddle games while taking a few cues from pinball.


Up to four players can play with or against each other in a variety of game modes. All presented in timeless pixel perfect 8-bit graphics and sound. Breaking Bricks strives to mix the best of old and new and bring the classic genre into the now."


  • 1 - 4 player simultaneous players.
  • 198 levels and 13 challenging boss battles.
  • Gamepad plug and play controller support.
  • Co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.
  • Special game modes; endless, boss rush and invader.
  • 8-bit graphics and sound.
  • Locally savable high scores and achievements.
  • Unlockable secrets and hidden content.

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