Moth wings, eyeballs and hair of a witch, bottles and flasks could make you rich! in this stunning slots game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 27th Oct 2017.   @phaser_


"Moth wings, eyeballs and hair of a witch, bottles and flasks could make you rich! Frog Grog has Wild Frogs, a Mystery Game and an increasing Multiplier that let's you stay hot at the top."

Frog Grog is a video slots game with 5 reels and 23 fixed pay lines. The game features Wild Frog, Frog Burp, Multiplier and a Mystery Game.

This is just one of the visually impressive slots games from Swedish development house Thunderkick. The attention to detail in the graphics and matching sound effects is just stunning.


While I admit I've little clue how to play slots games (and aren't a gambler myself) I can certainly appreciate the quality of production shown in this title. The cauldron glows, spiders crawl along the top, the shelves light up to match the jars, which tinkle down into place, particles explode, cages swing, candles flicker. If I was going to bet on something, I'd certainly want it to look as good as this!


You can try the game on free play (thankfully!) and if you put it into auto-bet mode you really get to see some of the elements at play. And who knows, you may even win some virtual currency in the process!

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