Can you protect your city from the Dark Army as your band of champions go up against their finest enemies?

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th May 2017.   @photonstorm


Created for Jamtastic Vol #1 The 42nd Bridge is a beautifully presented math game. Taking place in the Kingdom of Mathya, once a happy place, it has now been filled with fear of the Dark Army. An unstoppable evil force formed by the 42 worst nightmares the Kingdom ever had. The only thing keeping the Dark Army from the city is a small bridge made with 42 magical stones. You lead a team of champions who's goal is to hold the bridge and defeat the army.


The concept is pretty straight forward: A enemy will appear before you with a total above its head. You must get that total to 42 in order to defeat them. Your champions each play a mathematical role. For example the Champion from the House of Add will, as you may guess, add numbers to the enemies total. The Priest can divide, the Druid can multiply and the Thief will subtract.


You click a champion to select them, then pick the amount of damage they will do. For example the first beast you encounter has a total of 41 already. So picking Champion Add with a value of 1 gets it to 42, defeating it in a single blow. The next baddie has a value of 22, so you have to bring out your Druid of multiply, and so on.

It gets pretty challenging, and the enemies fight back too, but it's a neat concept with stunning presentation for a game jam entry.

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