Another great update for the best Phaser IDE out there, this time adding TypeScript support.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 27th Apr 2017.   @photonstorm


Phaser Editor has received lots of great updates recently, included long-awaited Mac OS support. And it has also just gained TypeScript support. From the official blog: "We follow the work of Angelo Zerr since he developed Tern Eclipse IDE, a great tool to write JavaScript code. This Eclipse comitter now is working on other promising projects that are TypeScript IDE and TextMate for Eclipse, both projects that we now are going to integrate to Phaser Editor progressively.

What is TypeScript IDE? It is a set of plugins that you can install on Eclipse to edit and compile TypeScript code. It uses tsserver and understand TypeScrtipt projects (tsconfig.json) and Salsa projects (jsconfig.json)."

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