It's zombie killing time in this awesome and relentless drive 'em up!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 17th Mar 2017.   @photonstorm


It's zombie killing time! Goblet Games have created an awesomely fun 'drive em up'. Grab your car and try to escape from the zombie apocalypse, making it to the end of the level, to catch the helicopter in time.


As you drive through the level you can mow down the zombies, rescue as many survivors as possible and pick up cash. The money you earn (even from failed levels) can be spent towards powering up your car, such as increasing the engine speed, armor, fuel capacity or adding a very useful gun.


Manage to do everything on a level and you get a nice hefty bonus. The game is spread over different maps, each with their own classic zombie tropes. You'll notice subtle nods to games like Left 4 Dead, and powering up the car just makes it all the more fun. Great stuff! and a great showcase for the Phaser BoxD Plugin as well.

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