After several months of hard work by the community, we have published Phaser CE 2.7.4. This version introduces new features, updates and bug fixes. It has been released on GitHub and npm, with the CDNs to follow in due course.

The new features include:

  • New method Phaser.Math.hypot() calculates the length of the hypotenuse spanning two given lengths
  • Added copyBitmapData function to Phaser.Bitmap
  • Added noPause logic to src/input/Pointer.js
  • Added timeStep parameter pass to state.pauseUpdate call at src/core/Game.js
  • Added tileOffset (Phaser.Point) property to Phaser.TilemapLayer. This allows offsetting layer positions in a way that plays well with the camera and Arcade physics. Also, the offsetx and offsety properties are now read from the layer properties of Tiled maps.

And updates include fixes to FireFox image caching, a new yarn lock file, a travis build script, lots of TypeScript defs updates, new Text fixes, JSHint fixes and loads more.

You can get the release from GitHub right now.

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