A free educational games bundle specifically created for children with autism.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 10th Mar 2017.   @phaser_


Otsimo Child is a mobile app that includes educational games specifically built for children with autism. It aims to solve one of the biggest problems which is the lack of concentration and attention span.

The app understands the child's age and level of education. The educational games are then shaped to meet those need. All of the games are prepared based on "applied behavioral analysis" (ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis) technique which is proven method for autism education.


There is also an Otismo Family app for families or instructors, which contains all information about child i.e. reports, suggestions, statistics and remote control settings. Parents can remotely control the child application and have full access of education.


It's truly inspiring to see Phaser being used for an app like this. The team behind it have written this great blog post about how they approach game development for autistic children, and their games are all open source too!

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