A mathematical game about adding numbers - it's a lot more fun than it sounds, really!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 29th Mar 2017.   @phaser_


This is an addictive number matching game from Lumoludo: "A math game?" you ask yourself incredulously. "That can't possibly be fun. Math is boring." But it's free, and you've got to find some way to kill the time during your commute, so you download it anyway. "I'll probably just delete it tomorrow," you say with a sigh.

But all of a sudden you're losing sleep over numbers, tumbling through your dreams. Jared at the office has your high score beaten by ONE POINT and he won't let you forget about it. And those mothers at the PTA meetings all have scores ten or twenty points higher. They won't say anything to your face about it, but you know they meet up over scones and crumpets and scoff at the people with scores like yours. Are you gonna let them do that? Show them you won't take that kind of abuse lying down!

Race against the clock by combining number tiles to reach the target number. Each match will push your score higher and higher. Drop clocks to the bottom to increase the time limit and keep adding!"

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