Help get this awesome looking action strategy game onto Steam Greenlight.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 9th Mar 2017.   @phaser_

Heroes of Myths is a new action strategy game that is trying to get through Steam Greenlight. The video and screen shots look really promising, so I've given it my vote.

"Beat back the demonic hordes with your Spartan soldiers in this awesome defence game! The gods of Ancient Greece and a cast of legendary heroes will help you defend your chosen deity’s temple against your otherworldly foes!


Fight alongside the Spartan warriors and a select group of heroes from Ancient Greek myths. Take on the demonic warriors that want to destroy the temple of your chosen deity. Beat the opposing army back and lay waste to their evil temple instead. In this epic war the Greek Gods will lend a hand with various devastating attacks.


Help your Spartan army fight the demonic hordes with help from the Gods of Olympus and your heroes Hercules, Perseus, and Achilles in this awesome defence game. Use your swords, spears, and arrows to drive the enemies back!

Deploy your army, choose your god and fight amongst the Heroes of Myth!"

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