GameAnalytics, a popular game insight and player tracking service, has recently made itself available to Phaser games, via its JavaScript SDK: "With our latest update, you can now use GameAnalytics to get real-time player insights for HTML5/JavaScript browser games or game engines. Now you can build amazing games across web, desktop and mobile in the language you know and love and track player behavior across all environments in one place. Javascript is a powerful and flexible programming language. We’re pretty excited about this new SDK, and we hope you are too! 😄

Many games start their life on the web. Whether it be a quick deployment to Facebook or a dedicated refinement on gaming portals such as Kongregate or Miniclip, it’s now easy for you to compare how differently your players behave across all of the different platforms they might play on – in one interface. In the future you will even be able to compare and run analysis across games, giving a holistic view of your game service and players, no matter where they are."

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