A beautiful take on one of the most difficult types of solitaire game available.

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RavalMatic have released their latest game, Algerian Solitaire, and written up a blog post about how it was created, and the graphical inspirations that went into it:

"As our previous Solitaire game, Refuge Solitaire, the game uses 2 decks, but the ruleset is quite different though. If you take a look at the rules compiled in Wikipedia, maybe you’ll start realizing why this variation on the classic Solitaire game is also known as Algerian Patience.


Being considered one of the most difficult solitaires, its audience can be really passionate about it. In fact, we can say these players crave for playing this kind of challenging games. These are people with enough patience to play Algerian Solitaire for uncountable sessions. For them, completing a game can be an utterly rewarding experience."

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