Phaser Game Design Workbook is a new book written by Stephen Gose, available from Leanpub. From the authors description:

"This is a different book format for game development -- unlike anything you have seen. As I create a generic game in html5 using phaser.js and lazer.js (ES6) gaming frameworks, you develop your own game by simply following and translating my easy concepts into your own game design. When you complete this workbook, unlike other game development books, you will have your own game, not a game of the author's."

"This workbook is sold in two parts of bundled chapters; you purchase only the information you need! For example, if you have never created an online game in html5 and JavaScript, you might like to start with Part I chapters 1 through 3 while a seasoned game developer might like Part II chapters 4 through 7 and the appendix. The workbook's appendix is a resource dictionary with all the open-source free assets on the Internet. Each chapter guides you in my decision / design (project management) process; you will see why I am choosing various business and software outcomes -- all of this, in well-commented source code, so you can convert into your own production pipeline."

"In summary, you complete your own exciting game in your selected genre using free open source phaser/laser JavaScript framework and other JavaScript tools following this step-by-step workbook. The power of the Phaser JavaScript Framework is yours."

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Please note: This book is in no way affiliated with Phaser, or the Phaser store. However we do think it looks rather cool! Just don't email us for support if you buy a copy.