How to create a game like Pokemon Go.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Oct 2016.   @phaser_


From GameDev Academy: "In this tutorial series, we will create a game similar to the popular Pokemon GO. First, we will create a Phaser state to catch Pokemon. Then, we will add a world state where the player can navigate in order to find Pokemon. We are also going to add features of the Pokemon GO game such as: different Pokemon, different pokeballs, pokestops to get pokeballs. In the end we are going to save the player pokedex in an online database.

In this first tutorial I will cover the following content:

  • Creating a catch state where the player can catch Pokemon
  • Using Phaser P2 physics engine for throwing pokeballs and catching Pokemon
  • Creating message boxes that interact with the player to call methods from the game state
  • Creating a world state, which reads a Tiled map with the current Pokemon"

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