Stretchable, repeatable images

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The Nine Patch Phaser Plugin allows you to use nine patch images in the HTML game framework Phaser.

9 Patch images are stretchable, repeatable images reduced to their smallest size. The simplest example would be if you were to take a rounded div and slice it up into 9 squares like you would a tic-tac-toe board. The four corners wouldn't change sizes at all but would be static while the other 5 pieces would be stretched or repeated to allow the whole image to scale appropriately.

This is not technically a Phaser Plugin. It provides two methods in game.cache to generate nine patch textures and a Phaser.NinePatchImage class to create nine patch images from these textures.

The plugin is written using ES6 and compiled with Babel and Browserify, tested on Phaser 2.1.3 and Phaser 2.4.3.

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