A great new WYSIWYG Phaser Game Editor

Posted on 25th Mar 2015. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.

PhaserLE is a level editor available on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows operating systems that increases the productivity of HTML5 game developers.

"Like all good level editors, PhaserLE enables game designers to easily create exciting new level designs and tweak gameplay with incredible speed, without having to edit mountains of code.

PhaserLE is powerful, but also easy to use. PhaserLE was designed with designers in mind, enabling them to realize their artwork inside the PhaserIO engine using a visual interface. Features you would expect such as cut copy and paste are all included, which make creating a long section of floor a simple task.

This feature is complimented with a useful grid tool that enables users to quickly align images and entities for rapid level generation."


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