Please help test the awesome new features!

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"Here are the most important changes:

Signals to the game program if there is a problem which might be fixed by lowering the desiredFps Time.desiredFps is the new desired frame rate for your game. Time.suggestedFps is the suggested frame rate for the game based on system load. Time.slowMotion allows you to push the game into a slow motion mode. The default value is 1.0. 2.0 would be half speed, and so on. Time.timeCap is no longer used and now deprecated. All timing is now handled by the fixed time-step code we've introduced. can no longer be relied upon to contain a timestamp value. If the browser supports requestAnimationFrame then will contain the high resolution timer value that rAf generates. Otherwise it will contain the value of If you require the actual time value (in milliseconds) then please use Time.time instead. Note that all Phaser sub-systems that used to rely on have been updated, so if you have any code that extends these please be sure to check it."


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