Part 7 - The Phaser Examples

From the moment we released the first version of Phaser we knew that one of the best ways for people to learn how to use it would be to produce examples. So we set out to create many different examples, covering all the key areas of Phaser. From how to set-up animations to how to use the physics.

Originally the examples were included in the main Phaser repository. But over time they outgrew this and instead we moved them to their own repository. They are also available to browse on this site.

Online Phaser Examples

You can browse all the Phaser Examples on this site. You'll also find a live code editor, so you can modify the source and re-run it in real-time to see the changes immediately.

Phaser 2 Examples Repository

You can also download every single example from the Phaser Examples github repository. We would strongly recommend having a copy of this locally. As it allows you to browse the code much faster, and create your own examples. You'll also have all of the assets we provide to use in your own test games.

Making a Game in Phaser Tutorial

Now you're all set-up we strongly recommend you work through the guide to Making a Game in Phaser. From it you'll learn how to construct a game allowing you to control a character who can leap off platforms and collect items.